$ave Dat Money

A wise man once said, “Ay, we gon’ save that money.” That wise man is rapper Lil Dicky. Actually, it’s Fetty Wap’s line from Lil Dicky’s hit, “$ave Dat Money.” It’s an awesome song with great lyrics and a hilarious music video, check it out on YouTube here. Excellent words to live by.

My blog’s main purpose is to document my journey to Financial Independence and Retiring Early (aka FIRE in the money world), with random bits and pieces thrown in here and there. I share this blog so I can be held accountable for my goals, so I can share what I have learned along the way, and so I can learn from those of you that are on your own financial journey (or from those of you that are already soaking up the sun on some exotic beach). Hopefully one day in the not too distant future, I will join you in retirement and this here will evolve into a travel blog!

I started this research of the financial world earlier this year, and since then have been quite obsessed. It all started with several New Year’s resolutions which I posted on Facebook and Instagram (again, to be held accountable!):

  1. Read more books.
  2. Learn about investing and start investing.
  3. Stretch every morning.
  4. Limit eating out to once per week.
  5. Eat only small meals but more frequently throughout the day.
  6. Play less video games.

Resolution #3 hasn’t gone so well… I currently have a pinched nerve or strained muscle in my lower back to show for it – damn squats/bad form! Resolution #5 has been modified due to being on the slow-carb diet (which we will save for another day). Resolutions #1 and #4 have held up pretty well. Resolution #2 has been deeply understood (it’s actually quite simple!) due to resolution #6 being absolutely dominated! That’s right, no more video games for this 30 year old. Pretty crazy how much extra time one has in the day when it’s not spent playing game after game of League of Legends. Not a joke!

By freeing up so much time, I have been able to research the depths of the internet on all matters relating to finances. Two very informative blogs come to the forefront for being responsible for my financial awakening: Mr. Money Mustache and JLCollins. These two gentlemen are financial wizards, with readerships who share just as much wisdom in the comments sections. Please take your time perusing their blogs. Then come back and join me on my path to financial independence! Subscribe and stay tuned for a detailed “about me” post.

Feel free to leave comments and questions on things you guys are itching to know. What were some of your 2017 New Year’s resolutions? What are some of your success stories/opportunities for improvement? Have you heard of League of Legends?


4 thoughts on “$ave Dat Money

  1. I haven’t played video games since the original Halo, video games are big time sink, just like Facebook 🙂
    My kids live and breathe video games so I can attest to the time wasting. I am familiar with both blogs above, I just rarely check out MMM the tone has gone too far tree huger and preachy to me. He has some good ideas though.
    I also like 1500 days but probably visit the early retirement forum the most, lots of good info there.

    Good luck!


    1. Halo was the bestttt! Capture the flag at its greatest. I guess I can’t be too hard on my future kids otherwise I’d be a hypocrite haha. I am exploring more and more blogs of the FIRE community, I didn’t realize there was a huge forum also. Thanks for the rec!


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